Saturday, September 30, 2017

Automobile Issue

Day 21

I had noticed recently that my SUV seemed to hesitate start with the turn of the ignition switch, and suspected the issue was a failing battery. Yesterday I left work and arrived home and noticed that the vehicle clock had lost time. In my mind, that confirmed that it was a failing battery. It was a long wait when I took my SUV for a battery replacement at a local shop.

This evening I thought about looking up a few Italian names of automobile part to increase my Italian vocabulary.

Ascolta Questo: 

la batteria - battery
lo sportello - door
il volante - steering wheel
la cintura di sicurezza - safety belt
il tachimetro - tachometer
il contagiri  - tachometer
l'indicatore della benzina - petrol indicator
il contachilometri - speedometer
la leva del cambio - gearshift lever
il pneumatico - tire
il paraurti - bumper
lo specchietto - mirror
lo specchietto laterale - side mirror
il fanale anteriore - front light
l'indicatore di direzione - direction indicator
il parabrezza - windshield
il tergicristallo - windshield wiper

That's a good start, for now.

Alla prossima!

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