Friday, September 15, 2017

Il Trombone

Day 6

During a conversation with a doctor this morning, he asked about my occupation and if I had always worked as a school counselor. At my reply that I had been a band director and played the trombone, he said that he had a brother who had also played the trombone.

The word trombone derives from the Italian tromba (trumpet) and -one (a suffix meaning "large"), so the name means "large trumpet".

Thinking about my days in a high school band, I recalled that many musical terms had been in Italian: a capella, adagio, animando, allegro, and much more.

Ascolta Questo: Come musicista, suonavo il trombone. Mi sono divertito a suonare diversi tipi di musica.

I enjoyed performing in big dance bands as well as in concert bands. What started as an interest in learning how to play the trombone in middle school developed in to a career in music. Lifelong friendships were also developed. At right is a photo of fellow trombone players in high school, Ray, me, Carlos and Joe.

Fino alla prossima volta!

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