Sunday, September 10, 2017


 Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi
Day 1

Several years ago, Minerva and I had the opportunity to travel to Italy. What an amazing country! Now I wish I had been fluent in Italian on that trip. A couple of years later the two of us and two daughters joined a group of seventy who traveled to Italy for the canonization of St. John Paul II. I had then acquired a little Italian (un po ', ma non molto bene), but very little.

Better late than never . . . I’ve set up this blog as a way of maintaining motivation in my endeavor to become fluent in Italian. I have read that there is a force called “power of the community” that can help motivate and help bring about positive habits and change. Let’s find out.

My hope is that as readers find this blog they will become encouragers and motivators for me, as well as Italian “coaches” via their posts. I am still at a beginner stage in my goal to become fluent in Italian: however, my commitment is to post daily on this blog as I progress to being fluent in Italian. Why? Why not! It’s a beautiful language. Who knows, we may return to Italy once again.

I do have a bit of a head start in becoming fluent in Italian, for I’m bilingual already: English and Spanish. The title of this blog is “Ascolta Questo” – listen to this. I’ll post my efforts with brief dialogs as I practice and ask others to Ascolta questo. Along the way I'll share about myself and my experiences in becoming fluent in Italian.

So, Welcome to Ascolta Questo, and your comments and tips for becoming fluent in Italian are also welcome.

Fino alla prossima volta!


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