Monday, September 11, 2017

Il Mio lavoro

St. John Paul II High School - Corpus Christi, Texas USA
Day 2

Sono un consulente scolastico in una scuola superiore Cattolica a Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

The high school where I work was named after St. John Paul II, who was canonized April 27, 2014.

Today I thought I would use a bit of Italian in our cafeteria in selecting lunch items. There is a server who has become curious about Italian words and phrases since I have begun to speak a bit of Italian at lunch time, just for fun.

Ascolta Questo: Oggi voglio il pranzo caldo della giornata. Voglio anche un bicchiere di tè con ghiaccio.

I did practice the lunch order in Italian prior to lunch time, attempting to speak the lunch order as smooth as possible. It came across well enough. Repetition of the Italian sentences takes some discipline, yet it is essential for me at this time. Plus, a graceful listener helps. Anyway, I did get my Frito Pie, Spanish rice (riso spagnolo), salad (insalata), and apple sauce (salsa di mele) . . . and tea with ice. What's Frito pie in Italian? (Thanks to mikael-sixsix . . . patatine di mais con chili di carne e formaggio.)

Fino alla prossima volta!

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  1. "Frito pie" doesn't have a translation in Italian.
    Literally it would be "torta fritta", but it doesn't suggest what is this dish.
    So in Italian it should be translated by listing the ingredients:
    patatine di mais con chili di carne e formaggio.


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