Wednesday, September 27, 2017

News in Italian

Day 18

There are a lot of cell phone apps that can serve as study aids in learning a new language. Some time ago I came across the app “News in Slow Italian,” but I did not use it much. This evening I looked on the Internet for the online version. Although there is a subscription attached to the web version, there are still many free lessons to be heard.

Ascolta Questo: Il sito Web "News in Slow Italian" è un'ottima fonte di lezione audio. Ci sono molti dialoghi lento per un principiante per ascoltare. Aiuta ad esercitare le capacità di ascolto.

I plan to interject some audio lessons from “News in Slow Italian” to vary my daily Italian practice time. One of the purposes of this Blog is to keep myself moving forward with daily effort in what has become a hobby, learning Italian. Even though my wife and I have traveled to Italy twice, I only knew a few Italian words on those trips. Now it’s just a personal challenge to learn the language and become tri-lingual.

Fino alla prossima volta!

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