Monday, September 25, 2017

The Weather

Day 16

Today began as a relatively cool and sunny day, but by mid-morning, we got a nice heavy shower. So for tonight's post let's take a look at some weather-related expressions in Italian.

Ascolta Questo:
What's the weather like today? - Che tempo fa oggi?
It's nice - Fa bello / Fa bel tempo
It's bad - Fa brutto tempo
It's sunny - C'è sole / Fa sole
It's cold - Fa freddo
It's hot - Fa caldo
It's cool - Fa fresco
It's snowy - Nevica
It's windy - C'è il vento
It's raining - Piove
It's foggy - C'è la nebbia
It's frosty - È gelido
It's freezing Fa un freddo gelido
It's hailing - Grandina
It's cloudy - È nuvoloso
It's stormy - È burrascoso
It's lightning - Il lampo
It's humid - È umido
It's muggy - È afoso
It's thundering - Tuona
Storm - Il temporale
That's a good collection of phrases to commit to memory.

Fino alla prossima volta!

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