Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Servizio Alla Comunità

Day 3

Today was one of those especially busy days at work, and a small test right now in establishing the habit of posting some Italian on this blog every day. Our school hosted a campus blood drive, providing our students with an opportunity to help save lives in our community by donating blood.

Ascolta Questo: Il tema di oggi era il servizio alla comunità. Molti dei nostri studenti hanno donato sangue per aiutare a salvare vite umane.

Our eligible students donate blood units for the Coastal Bend Blood Center, that relies a great deal on the generosity of high school students. Students who meet the required donations for the Red Cord Hero Program receive an honor Red Cord to wear at their graduation ceremony. I thought it would be more realistic to put together the phrases above in Italian. Agreement of verbs and subjects is beginning to make more sense. As I practice my Ascolta Questo for today it does sound rather cool.

Fino ala prossima volta!

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