Saturday, October 21, 2017


Day 42

This morning I finally set aside some time to get a haircut. Late yesterday I stopped by the popular barbershop but did not have the time to wait -- there were ten individuals already waiting. I thought a visit to a barbershop would be a good topic for today's Italian practice.

So where did the barber pole come from? In the Middle Ages, hair was not the only thing that barbers cut. They also performed surgery, tooth extractions, and bloodletting. Thus, the barber pole was a symbol of the barber-surgeon practice. The barber's history even goes further back in history. They are mentioned in the Bible.

Ascolta Questo: Buongiorno, voglio un taglio regolare dei capelli. Un taglio di forbici, per favore. Non troppo corto e asciughi i miei capelliQuanto costerĂ  questo?

Alla prossima!

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