Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Day 31

This is my 31st straight day of posting a little Italian on this blog.Committed to learning Italian? -- yes.

Yesterday was Columbus Day. My wife and I have traveled to Spain twice, a couple of years apart. We did make a stop at the Cathedral of Seville, where four massive statutes carry the remains of Christopher Columbus. This is according to DNA tests. At the same time, the Dominican Republic claims to have the remains of Columbus, yet does not allow any DNA testing.

Ascolta Questo: C'è un dibattito tra la Spagna e la Repubblica Dominicana su quale dei due paesi hanno i resti del famoso esploratore Cristoforo Colombo. Mia moglie ed io abbiamo visitato la tomba di Colombo a Siviglia, Spagna.

Columbus died over 500 years ago and the site of his remains may continue to be a mystery for years to come.

Alla prossima!

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