Sunday, October 15, 2017


Day 36

There are many language learning aids on the Internet. The other night I discovered the app HiNative. It's a language learning community, both online and in mobile form. Once you set up your account you can submit questions about a target language and other users who come across your questions can answer. You too can respond to questions about your language.

One of the questions I submitted asked for tips about finding an easy to understand  version of the story about "Pinocchio" in Italian on the Internet. The response suggested I search for "Pinocchio per bambini in italiano." It worked like a charm, and I found multiple cartoon versions. I did not understand all the Italian words, but did understand many -- quite encouraging.

Ascolta Questo: Il sito Web "" รจ molto interessante e utile. Dopo aver creato il tuo acconto puoi inviare domande sulla lingua che stai imparando.

It is rewarding to get a sense of progress in learning my targetr language, Italian.

Alla prossima!

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