Friday, October 6, 2017


Day 26

It appears that even genealogy has become big business -- just watching commercials on television. Part of learning any new language is learning family relationships in that new language. The Italian words for mother and father are similar to the Spanish equivalents, and those for aunt and uncle sound close to the Spanish words. However, the other relationship words are not similar to either English or Spanish. The Italian words for nephew and grandson are the same, as are those for niece and granddaughter. -- I wonder why? A visual, as in the graphic above can be helpful in learning these new words.

Ascolta Questo:
L'albero Genealogico - Family Tree
il nonno - grandfather
la nonna - grandmother
il padre - father
la madre - mother
il zio - uncle
la zia - aunt
il fratello - brother
la sorella - sister
il nipote - nephew/grandson
la nipote - niece/granddaughter
il cugino - cousin
la cugina - cousin

I'm still wondering about the missing distinction between nephew/niece and grandson/granddaughter.

Alla prossima!

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