Monday, October 23, 2017

Texas Jazz Festival

Day 44

Our city has hosted one of the longest-running free jazz festivals in our state, one that had its beginnings almost 60 years ago -- The Texas Jazz Festival. This year's event was the 57th annual festival, and I remember its birth at Del Mar College, in Corpus Christi, Texas. At this year's jazz festival there were over 60 bands from across the state. One of my personal friends and high school classmates is a co-founder of the popular jazz festival. He is Joe Gallardo, and he is an amazing jazz musician who resides in Germany.

I have read that The Umbria Jazz Festival is one of the most important jazz festivals in the world and has been held annually since 1973, usually in the month of July, in Perugia, and surrounding cities of the region of Umbria Italy.

Ascolta Questo: La mia città ha ospitato un festival di jazz per 57 anni. Quest'anno il Festival ha avuto più di 60 bande, dalle scuole superiori ai professionisti. Il mio strumento musicale preferito è il trombone.

Alla prossima!

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