Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Replacing a Headlight

Day 66 of My Italian Learning Journal*

Two nights ago my wife and I were returning home in our SUV and I noticed that the headlights appeared rather dim. When we were home I checked the headlights and saw that one of the low beams was not on -- perhaps burnt out. So tonight's script is about how I might deal with this in Italian.

Ascolta Questo:

  • Uno dei fanale della nostra automobile si è bruciato.
    One of the headlights on our automobile is burnt out.
  • Devo trovare un'officina di riparazioni.
    I need to find a repair shop.
  • Questo potrebbe costringermi ad attendere fino al weekend.
    This may have to wait until the weekend.
  • Ho chiamato "Pep Boys" e il meccanico ha detto che la sostituzione del fanale ci costerà 30 dollari.
    I called "Pep Boys" and the mechanic said that replacing the headlight will cost $30.
  • Mi sembra ragionevole . . . Il fanale sarà sistemato per sabato.
    That sounds reasonable . . . I will have the headlight fixed Saturday.

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Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.


  1. Hello Ted.
    Congratulations for your commitment to learning Italian.

    For me these two phrases could be improved:
    This may have to wait until the weekend.
    Questo (riferito a trovare un'officina) potrebbe costringermi ad attendere fino al weekend. (We Italians also use this word instead fine settimana)

    Mi sembra ragionevole . . . Avrò il faro sistemato per sabato. or... Il faro sarà sistemato per sabato.

    It would be better to call "fanale" (singolar) and "fanali" (plural)", referring to the car lights. ;-)

    Goodbye, see you soon :-)

  2. Grazie, mikael. Your comments are very helpful. ~Ted


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