Friday, November 3, 2017

The Tooth Fairy & Topolino

Day 55

What an interesting trail I've been on this afternoon. I received a text with a photo of one of my grandsons with a missing tooth -- he lost his first tooth! So, curious me . . . I searched on the Internet to see if there is an Italian Tooth Fairy. To my surprise not only did I find the Italian Tooth Fairy, but I also found her helper, Topolino! So this is my topic and exercise for my blog.

Ascolta Questo:

Italians could not choose between the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Mouse.

Gli italiani non potevano scegliere tra la fatina dei denti e il topino di dente.

In Italy the Tooth Fairy has a helper, Topolino dei denti, a little mouse.

In Italia la fatina dei denti ha un aiutante, topino dei denti, un piccolo topo.

He lives in a royal palace and takes care of the baby teeth of children around the world.
Vive in un palazzo reale e si prende cura dei denti da latte dei bambini del mondo.

Saint Apollonia is the patron saint of teeth, and it is said she has a chariot made of teeth and pulled by mice.
Sant' Apollonia รจ la patrona dei denti, e si dice abbia un carro fatto di denti e trainato da topi.

Does anyone know of a storybook about Topolino in Italian?
Thanks to Milela-july, here is a link to Topolino:

Alla prossima!

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