Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bath, England

The Grand Bath in Bath, England
Day 99 of My Italian Learning Journal*

Almost twelve years ago my wife and I traveled to Europe for the first time. It was an adventure in many ways. The almost two weeks were mostly spent in and about London, England, and Paris, France. One of the places I found especially beautiful and interesting is Bath, England. The city of Bath was founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD. The attraction then, as it is today, being the natural hot springs. At top-right is one of the photos I took. It was the latter part of December when we were there, and we could easily see the vapor rising off the warm water. We also visited The Temple of Sulis Minerva, near the baths complex, where I took several photos of my wife, whose name is also Minerva -- Goddess of Wisdom. Click the play button below to view a short video of The Grand Bath.


Ascolta Questo:
  • Il primo viaggio che io e mia moglie abbiamo fatto in Europa è stato nel dicembre 2005.
    The first trip my wife and I took to Europe was in December 2005.
  • Il tempo era molto freddo.
    The weather was very cold.
  • Mi è piaciuto soprattutto visitare Bath, in Inghilterra e imparare a conoscere la sua antica storia romana.
    I especially enjoyed visiting Bath, England and learning about its early Roman history.
  • L'ingegneria romana delle Terme era impressionante.
    The Roman engineering at The Great Bath was impressive.
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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.


  1. Salve Ted
    dopo aver visto il suo post ho letto qualcosa su "Bath", sembra davvero una bellissima città da visitare.
    Comunque qui in Italia non mancano certo tracce degli antichi romani.
    Permettimi solo una correzione.
    - "L'ingegneria romana della "Grande vasca" (o meglio delle "Terme" - baths ) era impressionante".

    After seeing his post I read something about "Bath", it really looks like a beautiful city to visit.
    However here in Italy there is certainly no lack of traces of the ancient Romans.
    Allow me only one correction.
    - "L'ingegneria romana della "Grande vasca" (o meglio delle "Terme" - baths ) era impressionante"
    > The Roman engineering of the "Great Bath"(or rather the baths "le Terme") was impressive<


    1. Thanks, Mik. I have much to learn from you so my Italian sentences will sound fluent. Alla prossima. ~Ted


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