Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Paper Mache

Day 129 of My Italian Learning Journal*

My daughter is working on a paper mâché project and I became curious about the origins of this technique. According to a paper mache website paper mache actually originated in China; where paper was invented. The Chinese used paper mache to make helmets, which they toughened by many layers of lacquer. Examples have been found dating back to the Han Dynasty, BC 202 – AD 220. (For Article Click here). Now, here are a few practice sentences in Italian. (Grammar corrections are welcome.)

Ascolta Questo:
  • Mia figlia sta lavorando ad un progetto di cartapesta.
    My daughter is working on a paper mache project.
  • Lei sta facendo una casa a forma di palloncino per piccole figure giocattolo.
    She is making a balloon shaped house for small toy figures.
  • Ho imparato che la carta arte mache ha cominciato in Cina.
    I have learned that the paper mache art began in China.
Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.

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