Monday, January 22, 2018

Amalfi - An Italian Coastal Gem

Day 135 of My Italian Learning Journal*

On a regular basis, we receive travel brochures at home from different companies. What arrived in our mail today was a booklet from a company we have not traveled with before. The brochure contained many photos of places in Italy. It was enjoyable to view those pictures of places my wife and I have visited. Though Amalfi may not offer the big city attractions, there is a fascination about it. Just being there instilled an emotion of joy. The Amalfi coast is famed for its production of Limoncello liqueur and the area is a known cultivator of lemons -- the lemons are huge! The patron saint of Amalfi is Saint Andrew, the Apostle, whose relics are kept here at Amalfi Cathedral dates to the 11th century. (Next, a short script to practice Italian; grammar corrections are welcome.)

Ascolta Questo:
  • Io e mia moglie abbiamo visitato Amalfi il nostro primo viaggio in Italia.
    My wife and I visited Amalfi on our first trip to Italy.
  • Io vivo nella città costiera di Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.
    I live in the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.
  • Amalfi ha una bellezza che è rafforzata dalla sua costa.
    Amalfi has a beauty that is enhanced by its coast.
  • Amalfi è assolutamente affascinante.
    Amalfi is absolutely fascinating.

Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.

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