Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gli Spareggi

Day 164 of My Italian Learning Journal*

At the end of our school day my wife, daughter and I will go watch some basketball playoff games. Both our girls' and our boys' basketball teams have been doing well this year. We will travel to George West, a community that is 63 miles away. Both teams are in high spirits. In fact, our entire school has been affected by the winning streak. (Following is a practice script in Italian -- grammar corrections are welcome.)

Ascolta Questo:
  • Oggi mia moglie, mia figlia e io andremo a George West High School per guardare la pallacanestro..
    Today my wife, daughter and I will travel to George West High School to watch basketball games.
  • Quest'anno le squadre di pallacadestro delle nostre ragazze e quelle dei nostri ragazzi hanno giocato molto bene.
    Both our girls basketball and our boys basketball teams played extremely well this year.
  • Questi sono i playoff.
    These are the playoff games.
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[ Grazie a Miky75 ]
[ Grazie a Erchomai ]
Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.

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