Sunday, February 11, 2018

Three Tenses

Day 155 of My Italian Learning Journa

The 3 Tenses You Need To Know To Really Speak and Understand Italian - from . . .

1. The present:  Io vado – I’m going, I go

Use it for now, for the future, for routines. Anything really!

2. The near past:  Io sono andato – I went, I have been

Essential for talking about things you’ve done or did. But, don’t worry! If you don’t know it yet, you can still have a conversation. Just use the present, and “ieri” (yesterday)!

3. The imperfect:  Io andavo – I used to go, I was going, I went (repeatedly)

Whenever you want to talk about “the way things were”, or “what you were doing when something else happened”, this is the way to go. Use with 2. above for sophisticated narratives.

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