Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Day 284 of My Italian Learning Journal*

It begins . . . I've begun the remodeling of our master bathroom. As the saying goes . . . a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Well, the first step was removing the old "popcorn" ceiling. Here's the tip I found and it works: spray water on the popcorn ceiling in sections. Then scrap the popcorn material off. Of course, cover as much of the room as you can to save on cleaning later.

Ascolta Questo:

  • Sto ristrutturando un bagno.
    I am remodeling a bathroom.
  • Il primo passo è rimuovere il vecchio soffitto "popcorn".
    The first step is to remove the old "popcorn" ceiling.
  • Il metodo che ho usato è quello di spruzzare acqua sul soffitto "popcorn" prima.
    The method I used is to spray water on the "popcorn" ceiling first.
  • Successivamente raschia via il materiale "popcorn".
    Next scrape off the "popcorn" material.
Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.

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