Thursday, August 2, 2018

Medicine Wheel

Day 327 of My Italian Learning Journal*

I enjoy reading about mysteries, and Bighorn Medicine Wheel is truly a place of mystery. "A mysterious pattern of stones sits at the summit of Medicine Mountain, nearly 10,000 feet above the Bighorn Range in Wyoming. Covered by heavy snows for most of the year, the stone configuration reveals itself and its purpose only in the summer months." (Source: click here.) What makes it interesting is its high altitude location and how it is only accessible during the warm summer months. It is thought that it served to predict the positions of the Sun and other bright stars in the sky around the summer solstice.

Ascola Questo:
  • Penso che sarebbe interessante essere un archeologo.
    I think it would be interesting to be an archeologist.
  • Ci sono così tanti siti misteriosi in tutto il mondo.
    There are so many mysterious sites around the world.
  • Medicina Wheel è uno di quei siti.
    Medicine Wheel is one of those sites.
  • Alcuni pensano che le numerose "ruote" sono state costruite da nativi americani centinaia di anni fa.
    Some think the numerous "wheels" were constructed by Native Americans hundreds of years ago.

Alla prossima!

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*Note: This is my personal journal of daily practice in learning Italian. I welcome Italian grammar corrections. Grazie.

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